About SharePoint discussion groups

Jun 30, 2008 at 3:31 PM

        After some poking around and some testing, it appears that a Discussion group uses the same containment as folders for standard lists,

        a Discussion is a folder, and replys to that discussion are "in" the folder. The DiscussionReply content type does not seen to

        be implemented. However via some testing (and not via documentation) it appears that discussion thread items are

        all contained in SPListItems associated with the Discussion's folder. If you want to sort or deal with the elements

        of the thread you would have to parse the ThreadIndex. The top of a discussion will always have a 46 character ThreadIndex.

        The top of a discussion is also a folder item so you can loop accross the folders collection of the list to get

        all the top threads. All replies in a thread are in a folder and thier ThreadIndex is a calculated string

        that allows the query processor to reconstruct the threaded view. Unfortunatly the detection pattern is not programatic,

        by that I mean a SPList with folder capabilities will have ServerTemplateCanCreateFolders set to true, but a discussion

        board will not. So that has to be tested using the template name as well. All of this leads to a new suite of tools

        in the utility methods classes for discovering sub folders, items and item peers. Which now allow the marking and unmarking

        of entire folder hierarchies and discussion threads.